Meet your research goals, globally. From in-depth qualitative research expertise to the latest AI-based technology, we have the right solution to support you.

How we help you

  • Do you know what people really think and feel?


    Sometimes asking an outright question just won’t get to the heart of the issue. We can unearth people's hidden motivations and drivers, and find out what they really think and feel, to help you make better business decisions.

  • Do you need fast answers to your business questions?


    It's not always possible to wait for feedback and survey responses. When time is of the essence, we can help you get what you need, quickly. Some of our research solutions have a turnaround of less than 24 hours, so we can tell you what your customers or stakeholders think and let you get on with making good, informed decisions.

  • Are you trying to reach a specific audience?


    Sometimes you might want to understand a niche audience, a subset of society or a particular group of your consumers. If you know who you want, we can find them. We have a global reach, with a network of more than 150 million research-ready respondents, allowing us to connect you to the answers you need.

  • Do you need an expert partner to help you design your research?


    Not everyone has the skills or the time to carry out expert surveys that deliver maximised insights for your organisation. When you need experienced support, or simply don’t have the time to devote to certain research projects, we have experts on hand to help you develop your research.

survey design modules

Survey Design Training Modules

We’re sharing our award-winning survey design knowledge for effectively engaging with online respondents. Explore our on-demand sessions and learn how you can create engaging surveys that will yield more honest and reliable insights. 
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