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Are rising costs of fuel driving change in the ways global consumers consider the auto market, and the choices they make about new purchases? With more hybrid and electric vehicles cropping up across more brands, and in new markets, consumers have more choices than ever before. As supply chain issues ease and model availability improves, opportunities to secure new vehicles has increased.

In this report, we explore the types of vehicles consumers own, the motivations behind purchase decisions and drivers in choice behaviours. Further, we dig into the desires, motivations and preferences of in-market consumers as they evaluate purchases.

Using responses from more than 10,000 online respondents from the Kantar Profiles Audience Network across ten global markets (including US, UK, Germany, Brazil, China, France, India, Mexico, Singapore and UAE), this study sets out to explore how global consumers are approaching the changing automotive market.

This report also explores consumer sentiments surrounding electric vehicle auto-pilot technology, sustainability practices and car sharing services.

Explore our findings here on:

  • Car ownership
  • In-market consumers
  • Hybrid and EV sentiments
  • Car sharing and cost savings

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