Media is more fragmented than ever, with new data on audiences, exposures, and engagements generated by the minute. Traditional marketing mix approaches struggle to deal with both the increased granularity of information available and the levels of volatility we are seeing. At the same time, newer cookie-based Multi-Touch Attribution approaches risk becoming obsolete given increased signal loss.

Recent developments in advanced AI models can quickly identify which media and marketing investments are building sales and long-term brand equity.

In this webinar, Kantar experts explain how brands can use AI tools to optimise their budgets and better predict the impact of their investment decisions,  addressing the common challenges in marketing measurement:

• How to balance the need for sales today with long-term demand creation?
• How do we account for creative impact?
• How can we make the data collection process easier?
• How can we quantify and then use the results at both a strategic and tactical level?

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Andrew Smith
Head of Analytics, Kantar, Southeast Asia

Lesley West
Director, Consulting & Analytics, Kantar, Australia

Sathya Raju
UMMO Lead, Analytics, Kantar, Southeast Asia

Ashish Jha
Commercial Head of Analytics, Kantar, Asia-Pacific