In this newest period of economic turbulence, simply launching more products is not the recipe for success - and history proves it. In fact, most new products fail.

It is difference that makes the difference.

Kantar has long championed perceived difference as the underlying driver of long-term brand success. More than visual distinctiveness, difference encompasses the whole experience of a brand. Meaningfully different innovation is the lifeblood of brands because it helps support brand growth through incremental sales, both now and into the future.

Identifying future opportunities and imagining meaningfully different solutions requires a deep understanding of the macroeconomic and cultural forces at play along with the diverse and evolving human tensions, motivations and contexts to shape successful brands. The secret is Kantar's bespoke The Whole Circle 'Inside-Out and Outside-In' thinking that gets to the heart of your customer including how to identify and address blind spots not white space.

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