With insights around changing customer expectations and the competitive banking landscape, Kantar can ensure you stay on the money.


Many forces are shaping financial services: government intervention to increase competition, disruptors challenging long-standing business models, new digital currencies, and advances in technology. Barriers to entry are falling all the time and those that aren’t disruptors themselves will be disrupted. Brands need to be imaginative in rethinking what their role is in consumers’ lives.

How we help you

  • Deliver better customer experiences


    We know people want an emotional payoff as well as financial products. They want to feel more in control, smarter, and more confident when it comes to money. Moreover, customers are forming their view of what a good experience looks like from every industry, not just financial services. Are you providing a joined-up, helpful and human experience to your customers?

  • Manage your brand to achieve commercial success


    As with other sectors, customers are seeking out better, more human, connections, and brands with a purpose – a purpose that goes beyond statements and actually manifests in the experience customers have with the brand. Kantar can help your brand to discover its true purpose, and live it.

  • Innovate to grow


    We know that financial brands don't always strike the right chord with target segments, whether through the products and services they offer, or the way they communicate. Is your innovation pipeline helping you to unlock new growth opportunities? And is your advertising and communications hitting the mark?

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