Are you ready to drive the future of mobility? Get clear guidance to better understand people and lead the way to a world of connected mobility.


We live in a time of extraordinary change, as automotive and mobility brands transition towards a world of connected mobility. Congestion, air pollution, accelerating urbanisation, shifting working patterns and new growth models are all forces that affect the future of mobility. We provide you with a clear vision of your growth opportunities, based on a deep understanding of people. Understand their attitudes and behaviours towards cars, mobility services and the latest trends – including connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electric vehicles.

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Discover the factors driving growth for the world’s most valuable brands.
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Mobility Futures 2021: The Next Normal
Discover how mobility will evolve in the world’s greatest cities due to COVID-19, sustainability and other trends.
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How we help you

  • Fuel the development engine


    Optimising new or existing models is a key priority for automotive and mobility brands to prevent costly mistakes. We use the latest technology, including virtual reality, qualitative research, and neuroscience techniques to provide you with crucial guidance at key moments throughout your innovation and development process.

    How we help

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  • Real-time feedback to optimise your customer experience


    The value of experiences in people’s lives has never been greater, and this is where differentiation and growth are to be found for automotive and mobility operators. We help you power up customer-centric strategies through our cutting-edge customer experience management platforms.

  • Get your pricing into gear for the road ahead


    In a world where value reigns over price, and usage reigns over ownership, there is a strategic imperative around developing and refining smart pricing. From understanding your customers' value perception of models, features and price premiums, to tactically managing transaction prices, we inform the decisions you have to make to win in this competitive environment.

  • Define, build and manage your brand for profitable growth


    While the transformation of the automotive and mobility industry creates huge numbers of new brands, only the ones that are meaningful, different and genuinely irresistible will succeed. We bring you clarity to define and leverage the strong properties of your brand, to guide, monitor and quickly course-correct everything you do.

    How we help

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