Understand the views of healthcare professionals and patients worldwide, to ensure you always have the perfect remedy. 


Access 2 million healthcare professionals worldwide from nearly 100 specialities, across 44 therapy areas, within 56 countries. With compliant data collection methods and integrations with qualitative and quantitative research solutions, our healthcare panel brings you closer to physicians and patients than ever before.

How we help you

  • Gather deeper insights from patients and healthcare professionals 


    Collect quantitative and qualitative data from healthcare professionals and patients around the world, thanks to our proprietary, highly validated healthcare panels. Reach Physicians, Payers, Nurses, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and other healthcare stakeholders across a wide range of therapy areas. Our experienced teams seamlessly integrate quantitative and qualitative methodologies for insights you can really use. The highest standards are assured: Kantar has achieved ISO 20252 certification globally for healthcare market research and panel management.

    How we help