Whether it's fast fashion, sustainable beauty, affordable luxury or a personalised shopping experience, we help you understand and follow the key trends.


The worlds of fashion, beauty and luxury goods are changing in various, often contradictory, ways. Technology and new entrants are changing consumer expectations, pushing innovation, and encouraging established brands to think differently about products, packaging and routes to market. Understanding the lives and beliefs of your target consumer is crucial, as these are sectors where emotional connections really matter.

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How we help you

  • Make the right statement


    We are increasingly choosing to purchase fashion, cosmetics and other goods based on a brand's ethics; environmental credentials, related messaging, and inclusive advertising. We help you define what your portfolio of brands stand for, in a way that connects meaningfully with consumers, and to create the right impression in all your marketing and retail channels.

  • Reach the right shoppers in the right channels


    The last decade has seen fashion and beauty increasingly democratised by digital developments. Online influencers bring you fame in the social media sphere, but can you seal the deal? Just because everyone knows a brand doesn't mean everyone is buying it. Are you making the most of retailer relationships and existing ecosystems to become an 'omnichannel' brand? Finding the right moment to act is also crucial. We can equip you with the right tools and guidance to optimise your activation strategy against the best moments for your brand.
  • Innovate around products, and experience


    Customers increasingly seek out exciting new products and differentiated shopping experiences. Technology can play a role: thanks to augmented and virtual reality, consumers can “try before they buy” in ever more sophisticated ways. Kantar can help you identify and validate the best opportunities for growth, and also bring those to life in ways that shoppers love.

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