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See how others are building their brands with faster market research from Kantar Marketplace.

Giving Audi the confidence to air new creative

With real audience insights, we helped the auto brand improve (and shorten) a TV ad that wasn't getting them the results they needed.


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No7 beauty products

Putting a fresh face on new product development for No7

After realising the power of agile concept testing, No7 developed a robust insights programme with the Kantar Marketplace platform at its core.


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Beer drinking football celebrations

Schneider launches a successful FIFA World Cup campaign

Discover how the sponsor of Argentina’s national football team capitalised on qualitative studies and LINK on Kantar Marketplace to deliver a moving World Cup campaign.

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Woman exercising on a beach

Optimising concepts with speed for a successful global brand launch

Discover how Fonterra Active Living tested 42 concepts with agility using ConceptEvaluate on Kantar Marketplace.
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Steaming drink in cup

Improving market penetration in Australia for Jarrah and Ovaltine

Learn how BrandEvaluator on Kantar Marketplace helped identify ways to acquire more customers by positively changing customer perceptions.

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Zespri Kiwifruit

Driving ambitious global growth with agile brand measurement

Zespri is a fast-growing, fruit marketeer using agile brand equity measurement on Kantar Marketplace to support their ambitious global growth plans in emerging markets.

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Young friends in the sun

Confirming bold campaign decisions for PepsiCo’s Rockstar

How PepsiCo built brand differentiation with the launch of the Rockstar beverage brand in Argentina, after measuring creative performance with Kantar Marketplace.
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Levelling up brand performance in the bread spreads market

Discover how Arla Cheesy Spread turned to BrandEvaluator on Kantar Marketplace to gauge progress against their brand goals in the Philippines.

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Helping BrewDog convey sustainability credentials via packaging

Discover how we helped BrewDog convey their sustainability credentials more effectively through their packaging.

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Ferrero Kinder chocolates

Innovating Ferrero’s holiday concepts for sweet success

Learn how the Kinder brand used agile insights from ConceptEvaluate on Kantar Marketplace to gauge consumer interest in three new holiday concepts and build differentiation.

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Fruit and bubbles in water

Fast-tracking beverage innovation at Spindrift

Spindrift took their product innovation to the production line with predictive insights after testing their product concept on Kantar Marketplace with ConceptEvaluate.
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Unlocking scalable digital creative intelligence for Unilever

LINK AI forms the backbone of a global system for testing digital ads across the organisation's markets, categories and brands.

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Consumer packaged goods

Agile new product development for Kraft Heinz in China

Kraft Heinz turned to ConceptEvaluate on Kantar Marketplace for rapid, actionable concept testing fit for a dynamic market.
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A group of friends raise their glasses in celebration

Communicating Vino Colon’s brand positioning more effectively through advertising

How we challenged a wine purveyor to rethink gender stereotypes in their communications.

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Woman eating yoghurt on a kitchen countertop

From insights to winning concepts for Danone in days

A breakthrough innovation was needed for Danone’s Activia brand – and Kantar delivered in super-quick time with ConceptEvaluate.

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Google logo in neon lights

Validating Google’s ABCD framework with the power of artificial intelligence

Learn how Google used LINK AI to analyse over 11,000 ads in less than a month, revealing key drivers of effective creative.

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Kez's kitchen product image

Helping Kez’s Kitchen range their products in the biggest retailers in Australia

How the brand successfully extended their snacking SKUs and got their products ranged in two leading Australian retailers.

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Seltzer drink

Understanding global creative to tailor to local market context and life stage

Helping White Claw optimise global creative for the Australian market with LINK on Kantar Marketplace.

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Helping Tassal to support new product development with consumer insight

How Tassal has renovated the way that they develop and launch new products using IdeaEvaluate and ConceptEvaluate on Kantar Marketplace.

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Ground coffee beans

Helping coffee brand Nova Brasilia develop more effective creative in Bulgaria

Learn how the brand used iterative testing throughout the creative development process to maximize ad impact.

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Point of sale

Helping a finance brand build better ads with tailored insights

How Banco Galicia managed to communicate a new product in its brand ecosystem in an impactful and efficient way.

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Beer glass

How to optimize the presentation of a new release with agile insight

Helping Cervecera de Canarias to maintain brand authenticity during a new product launch with idea screening and concept testing.

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A women holding a cup of tea

Helping Twinings with end-to-end creative development

How ensure success from idea to finished film; early-stage development combined with optimisations through LINK+.

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Yakult product image

Launching Yakult’s European campaign with confidence

When pivoting to a single cross-market campaign, Yakult turned to ad testing insights from LINK on Kantar Marketplace.
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Woman holding a tablet and a credit card

Test your campaigns in-market to maximise their impact

How Banco Galicia used BrandCampaign on Kantar Marketplace to redefine its media strategy and focus on its most relevant messages.

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Lab technician

Using AI to scale creative effectiveness

How Genomma Lab Internacional confidently reshaped and scaled their ad testing and optimisation approach with LINK AI on Kantar Marketplace.

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Client testimonials

Brita logo

"Kantar’s Marketplace system is super quick, easy to use and very intuitive. Even in its lowest cost solution it delivers so much more for your money than competitors, more flexibility with sample, best in class system 1 emotional measures & a wealth of other metrics. It gave me the confidence to have a really robust read on the strengths & weaknesses of our ads & make the right decisions moving forward."


Louise Abbott
Consumer Insights Manager  |  BRITA Water

Reckitt logo

"I have been sincerely impressed with the speed that Kantar Marketplace can deliver results. My organization moves at such a fast pace that most premium suppliers' solutions are not even close in meeting; this platform has unlocked all the Kantar agility needed to match our rigorous internal timelines and enable research informed decisions as quickly as required."


Georgios Papadopoulos
Senior CDI Manager, Hygiene  l  Reckitt Benkiser

Johnson & Johnson

"When we wanted to ensure that our new advertising campaign was well poised to meet our brand building goals for Johnson and Johnson, we needed results fast. We were extremely impressed by the speed in which Kantar Marketplace delivered, enabling us to see results from 15 digital and TV assets in just three working days after launch. While the platform unlocked a core need to deliver results in almost real time, it didn’t take away from the valuable insights and expertise that Kantar brings; it was this expertise which propelled the team and agency to make informed decisions and drive success. All in all, a fantastic combination."


Michael McCaffrey
Global Head, Strategy and Insights Corporate Affairs 
Johnson & Johnson

Walgreens Boots Alliance logo

"The concept screening programme we’ve implemented in partnership with Kantar has given us a fully validated new product development pipeline. We’re confident in the products we’re launching and know how to optimise the concepts to maximise commercial potential. Kantar Marketplace is such an agile approach, and the analytics dashboard is really convenient for accessing results. The expertise and interpretation we get from the team at Kantar has added so much value."


Caroline Morley
No7 Global Insights Manager l Walgreens Boots Alliance

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