The total value of the top 50 most valuable Brazilian brands has increased by 4%, to reach almost $83 billion. With 20 brands growing in value over the past two years, Brazil’s top brands have proved their resilience and are bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels of strength.

Highlights from this latest report, which is based on the opinions of 10,800 respondents about more than 396 brands across 27 categories, reveal:

• Itaú remains Brazil’s most valuable brand, worth almost $7.4 billion and accounts for 9% of the total value of the ranking, as exclusively reported by Estadão.
• Beer brands, Brahma (No.2; $6.7bn) and Skol (No.3; $5.9bn) complete the top three
• Car rental company, Localiza (No.8; $3.1bn), is the top newcomer 
• Three brands: Azul (No.16; $1.6bn), Havaianas (No.35; $711m) and Leão (No.44; $377m) perform well on being Meaningful, and meeting peoples’ needs both functionally and emotionally
• Nubank (No.5; $4.6bn) excels in being Meaningful, Different and Salient, the three key pillars of brand equity.

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This infographic shows the Top 10 Brazilian brands, growth in value by category, highest risers and newcomers. Itaú, Nubank and Bradesco lead the Financial Services category, which contributes 30% of the ranking’s overall brand value. With the rapid pace of change in banking and payments, four new Financial Services brands enter the ranking, including SulAmérica, Rede, PagBank and C6 Bank. Two other new brands from the Consumer Technology and Services Platforms category enter the ranking for the first time, Unidas and Movida. 

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Watch the video to discover the top Brazilian brands that have remained resilient following the disruption of the past few years in Brazil and across global markets. With 20 brands growing their value this year, this marks a return to pre-pandemic times with brands investing in new campaigns, events and festivals, to ensure they connect closely with consumers. The strongest Brazilian brands cover many different categories, from Apparel and Alcohol to Personal Care and Travel Services, which helps to balance out the ranking to ensure it is less susceptible to economic swings.


To  be eligible for inclusion in this ranking, the brand must have been created in the market and be owned by an enterprise listed on a recognised stock exchange. For those owned by private companies, financial statements must be available in the public domain. Unicorn brands must have their most recent valuation publicly available. Watch the video to learn more about the methodology behind Kantar BrandZ brand valuation rankings, which is based on a three-step process, combining financial value and brand contribution to determine a brand’s value.
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As inflation and unemployment hold back a volatile economy, the most valuable Brazilian brands bring to life an important learning: investing in brand equity is a powerful strategy that protects brands in difficult times.
Brands from 15 categories feature in the Kantar BrandZ Brazilian Top 50, from banking to beer, energy to entertainment, the breadth of the ranking reflects the diversity of the country’s economy and provides insight into the businesses that make this country tick.

Brazil’s number one most valuable brand is financial services company, Itaú, with a brand value of US$8.1 billion, followed by beer brands, Brahma (No.2, US$6.5 billion) and Bradesco (No.3, US$6.0 billion).

Quality products and great service are no longer enough to set a brand apart; these things are simply expected. But what can help mark out a brand in consumers’ minds is something that runs much deeper than the things a brand sells: it’s whether the brand – and the company behind it – inspires trust. Personal care brand, Natura, is the most environmentally responsible Brazilian brand, with a Trust Index Score of 120.

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