Like many countries, Canada is living through a period of disruption, yet GDP should see strong growth of 3.8% in 2022 and 2.6% in 2023. Long lockdowns have left Canadians with ample savings and pent-up demand, so for now, people are continuing to get out and spend.

37 of the 40 Canadian brands in 2022’s ranking have experienced growth, which shows that Canadian brands have held strong, despite the challenges across the world. With a total brand value of $201 billion, Canada’s Top 40 brands have seen elite brand value growth of 49% since 2020.

As well as appearing at No.57 in the global ranking, RBC has retained its number one place as the most valuable Canadian brand ($38bn; +74%). The Food and Beverages category saw the highest brand value increase, with a phenomenal 290% increase in total category value. This year’s fastest-growing brand was Apparel brand, Aritizia, which grew by 102%. Five new brands join the ranking, led by Canada Dry, at No.30.

Canadian brands that are meaningful and salient have proven their strength, but differentiation is key to boost growth in the long-term, and prevent new upstarts from gaining an advantage.

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93% of brands in Canada’s Top 40 brand ranking have experienced growth since 2020, across a range of categories, with Banks (+68%), Insurance (+60%) and Telecom Providers (+41%) leading overall category growth. Find out more about Canada’s brand leaders and overall category performance.

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Canadians are loyal to the essential services on offer from household names in the Banks and Telecom Providers categories, as well as the nation’s favourites when it comes to Fast Food and Fashion. Take a closer look at the Top 40 Most Valuable Canadian brands and the biggest names seeing success over the past two years.

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Stacy Amarelo, Head of Brand, Media & Creative, Kantar Canada, explains how Differentiation adds value and ensures that consumers are willing to pay more for a brand, and is a key predictor of future growth.
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Top Canadian brands have proved what we have often seen during challenging times in the past: good brands can cushion the blow of an economic shock. The BrandZ Top 40 Most Valuable Canadian Brands 2020 have largely held their value in the face of the crisis, falling only 6 percent, roughly in line with the S&P TSX index.

Royal Bank of Canada retains the top spot at number one with a brand value of $21.7bn. The Banking category makes the largest contribution to the ranking’s overall brand value, with a 42% share, with Telecom Providers second at 23%.

Lululemon was the biggest success story at number 4, with a rise in value of 60% to $12.1bn.

Retail was one of the fastest-growing categories, up 13% in total value. The single new entry was value retailer No Frills (no.39, $370 million). Four retail brands feature in the six fastest climbers; Food Basics (no.36, $419 million) up 24%, Dollarama (no.15, $1.9 billion) up 21%, Sobeys (no.34, $466 million) up 19% and Shoppers Drug Mart (no.20, $1.7 billion) up 17%.

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RBC is crowned Canada’s most valuable brand in inaugural BrandZ Canada Top 40 ranking.

They key to any business’ success is how it is seen in the eye of its customer. In the latest study to be added to the BrandZ series of rankings, this report uncovers the trends driving brand growth in Canada by analysing validated financials alongside interviews with over 50,000 Canadian consumers.

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