The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are the largest economies in the Middle East, and the mood is optimistic for future growth. As the markets continue to implement large-scale economic development plans, huge opportunities abound for brands. 

This latest report shines a spotlight on the performance of the top 10 most valuable Emirati brands and the top 20 most valuable Saudi brands and the key factors behind their success. Based on the opinions of 49,000 people on 625 brands across 39 categories, highlights from the analysis reveal:

- Collectively, the top 30 Kantar BrandZ Emirati and Saudi brands are worth more than $94.2 billion, equivalent to 5.8% of the two countries’ combined GDPs
- The most valuable Emirati brand is Etisalat by e&, worth $9.5bn
- STC is the most valuable Saudi brand, with a brand value of $13.7bn 
- Pharmacy retailer Nahdi is the sole newcomer, reaching No.7 in the Saudi ranking 
- Airline Emirates (No.3; $5.4bn) is the top Emirati riser, with a brand value growth of 69%
- Real estate brand, Dar Al Arkan (No.17; $573m) is the top Saudi riser, increasing by 34%.

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Explore the infographics to see the most valuable Emirati and Saudi brands, the top risers, overall category composition and more. Taking a mid-range view, top Emirati and Saudi brands have shown massive growth this decade. Between 2020 and 2023, they have grown their total value by 87% – for an absolute increase of $44 billion in brand value. In comparison, the Global Top 30 has grown 40%. 

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Watch the countdown video and discover the top 10 most valuable Emirati brands of 2023. In today’s marketplace, being well-known is not enough: being Meaningfully Different is what fuels brand value growth. Meaningful Difference also fuels brand power, which is defined as the ability to drive sales volume and charge a premium via strong consumer relationships. Brands must devote significant effort to understanding how Saudi and Emirati consumers’ mindsets and spending habits are evolving, as many of the parameters of their lives change.

Watch the countdown video and discover the most valuable Saudi brands of today. Across all Emirati and Saudi brands analysed by Kantar BrandZ for Pricing Power, only 3 out of 10 are able to justify their prices by possessing high Pricing Power. But among the Emirati and Saudi Top 30, that ratio rises to 3 out of 4. Brands with higher Pricing Power in the rankings were far more resilient than those with low or average Pricing Power. And those high Pricing Power brands that were seen as offering a ‘Justified Premium’ proved most resilient of all. 


To be eligible for inclusion in this ranking, the brand must have been created in the local markets and be owned by an enterprise listed on a recognised stock exchange. For those owned by private companies, financial statements must be available in the public domain. Unicorn brands must have their most recent valuation publicly available. Learn more about the methodology behind Kantar BrandZ brand valuation rankings in this video, which presents the three-step process, which combines financial value and brand contribution to determine a brand’s value. 

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The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the two biggest economies in the Middle East.

With a total brand value of $106 billion, leading Emirati and Saudi brands have more than doubled their total value in the last two years, growing faster than any other global Kantar BrandZ ranking.

Both markets have shown how important it is to innovate and plan for the future through investments and diversifying their economies.

Saudi telecoms provider, STC, ($16bn; +66%) has retained its number one place as the most valuable brand in the ranking.

Four new brands join the ranking, led by Saudi National Bank, at number 2 ($15.9bn). This is followed by online food delivery platform, Jahez (No.18; $1.4bn), real estate brand, Aldar (No.22; $725m) and bank, ADIB (No.29; $457m).

While both markets are booming and consumers are optimistic, value still matters. Consumers are highly attuned to price, but when they feel under pressure, they are likely to gravitate towards brands they already know, particularly if they do not have time to shop around. Reasonable pricing, linked with outstanding service, will keep them coming back.

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The 2021 Kantar BrandZ Emirati and Saudi Brands Spotlight Report, ‘Ready. Set. Grow.’, unpacks how brands have adapted to the new normal and what winning brands are doing right as they rebound, recover and engineer for growth into 2022 and beyond.

We look at the four key enablers for successful brand growth and take a deep dive into why some brands have thrived in the past year, while others have declined, with learnings into what drives brand equity, and how that looks in the real world.

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With a combined brand value of $50 billion, the inaugural Kantar BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Emirati and Saudi Brands 2020 ranking presents the most valuable consumer-facing businesses from across a range of categories, from food to energy.

Telecom providers and banks contribute 70% ($35 billion) of the combined brand value of the Top 30. Saudi telecom giant, STC is the most valuable brand, worth $9.7 billion. With its focus on customer experience, Etisalat is the second most valuable brand, worth $5.2 billion. Al Rajhi Bank and FAB are no. 3 and no. 4, and are two of the 13 banking brands in the Top 30.

With a brand value of $3 billion, Emirates completes the top five with the highest brand equity.

At no. 25, HungerStation, worth $488 million, is the youngest brand in this inaugural ranking.

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