The last few years have been very challenging for Japanese brands. But, with the last pandemic restrictions being lifted, a more buoyant hospitality sector, and the positive effects of a weaker yen on exports, there are signs of recovery. This will have a huge impact, especially for brands with strong international credentials.

Highlights from this report, which is based on the opinions of more than 68,000 respondents on 1,833 brands across 137 categories, reveal:

• Toyota retains the top spot as Japan’s most valuable brand, worth $28.5bn

• Uniqlo (No.4; $13.7bn) enters the Top 5 with a brand value increase of 26%

• Apparel brand GU joins the ranking for the first time at No.33

• Automotive and Telecom Providers deliver most value in the Japanese Top 50

• Retail and Apparel brands increase their presence, with ASICS (No.42; $1.2bn) and Gyomu Super (No.36; $1.5bn) also entering the ranking for the first time

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Explore the infographic and find the Top 50 Japanese brands, newcomers, re-entries, Top 10 risers and more. Some of the best performers in the ranking are Financial Services brands. This is a sector that has been relatively well insulated from the conditions battering most other categories. The value of Financial Services brands in the ranking rose by 15% this year, and four of the Top 5 fastest risers are from this category.

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Watch the video to see the top 50 most valuable Japanese brands. The domestic focus of so many brands in Japan’s ranking has provided some protection from global turbulence over the past year. In the short term, this has proved to be a strength. In the longer term, however, Japanese brands seeking another growth phase could seize a major opportunity to expand internationally.


To be eligible for inclusion in this ranking, the brand must have been created in the market and be owned by an enterprise listed on a recognised stock exchange. For those owned by private companies, financial statements must be available in the public domain. Unicorn brands must have their most recent valuation publicly available. Learn more about the methodology behind Kantar BrandZ brand valuation rankings in this video, which presents the three-step process, which combines financial value and brand contribution to determine a brand’s value. 

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The Kantar BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Japanese Brands 2023 have grown by 16% in the past two years, as the country’s top brands bounced back from the worst disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Top 50 have gained almost $32 billion, to reach a total brand value of $234 billion.
Instead of Japanese brands returning to business as usual, they have embarked on a new journey to growth, led by sustainability, global expansion, and powerful consumer connections.
Toyota has retained its number one place as the most valuable Japanese brand ($33.0bn; +17%), followed by NTT (No.2; $25.6bn;). Four brands – Sony, 7-Eleven, JAL and Panasonic – lead the list of the fastest risers, growing by more than 40%. Ten new brands have joined the ranking, led by food and seasoning brand, Ajinomoto (No.24; $2.2bn).
To progress on their journey to drive value in the future, Japanese brands have an opportunity to strengthen connections with consumers that are meaningful and different.

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This year, the combined value of the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Japanese Brands declined by 9 percent. Beyond this headline rate, however, lie the stories of leading Japanese brands that have protected their brand reputations – and sometimes even increased their brand valuations – amidst the most difficult of circumstances. What these brands have in common is that authentic and distinct brand building remains the key to economic resilience.

Toyota has retained its place as the most valuable brand in Japan, with a brand value of $28.4 billion. Telecom provider NTT ($20.3 billion) remains second, with Sony ($12.0 billion) taking third place.

At no.8, Nintendo ($8.6 billion) stood out as a leading disruptor and innovator in the ranking.

Communications platform LINE (No. 13, $4.3bn) was the fastest riser, up 34%, followed by leading online retailer Rakuten (No. 23, $2.5bn), up 22%.

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