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Every year, Kantar surveys over 700,000 real people in 45 markets with a questionnaire that is unparalleled in the industry for its breadth and depth.

At an aggregate level, marketers can access up to 25 BILLION data points each of which can be used to build a full picture of your current and prospective customers.

From demographics to attitudes, leisure activities, media consumption, personal values and purchasing factors, TGI is the single source of consumer intelligence that reveals who we are, how we behave and the drivers behind decisions that we make.


How we help you

  • About TGI data

    TGI helps brands build a complete understanding of their customers and target them effectively.

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  • The benefits of using TGI data

    TGI can inform all marketing activity and enable every member of your team to understand and put your customers first.
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  • Getting the most out of TGI

    Unlock the power of TGI in your marketing activity – across insight, planning & activation

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  • TGI data in action

    With its unrivalled breadth and depth of coverage, TGI offers key consumer insights into any market and always has something to say on any high profile or topical trends. Our regular reports, infographics and much-loved TGI Chart of the Week bring to life latest TGI insights into a wide variety of sectors and consumer targets. We also have a wide range of real-life case studies showing how TGI insights enabled specific clients to meet specific challenges and achieve impact.

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Beyond Age
Boosting marketing effectiveness with a new understanding of age-based profiling– our latest report, powered by TGI data.
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